Finally :)

Springy sunny weather is finally here and I’m sooo ready! Sure there’s way too much snow left, but it’s going. I’ve been rather hibernating, but I do have several new varieties on the horizon, with more still percolating. Here’s one: Sunrise, a bright juicy tangy blend of mango, hibiscus and passion fruit in warm morning […]

Lavender Garden

Lavender blooming happily in the rain   Lavender Garden soap logs ready to be cut..this is and always will be one of my favorite soaps, I adore the aroma and everything about the plants..from their shiny tiny shoe-button seeds to their silvery green foliage to those flowers…

A few manly soaps

Several new soaps this year hew a bit more to the masculine side, as I found new blends or pattern-ways this winter. First there’s Rosemary, a single-note herbal soap with some subtle supporting notes including lemon, to broaden and sharpen the aroma–fresh, crisp, clean, and aromatic. One of my new favorites, I find myself sniffing it when I pass it on the curing racks.

Rain! now with soap pics

Here’s a few more photos of soaps for spring– taken on a rare sunny morning last week :)  I’ve been soaping up a storm to restock for summer markets, and having a good time with some new scents and patterns, nice on those days when there’s nothing much colorful or scented yet in the garden. […]