Oakmoss & plinky bubbles

I collected more oakmoss last week, (bonus to the weird weather; woke up thinking it’d be a good day to look for it, after the gale and downpour)–I think I will try tincturing it just for fun.

It’s that or find a perfume locket for a chunk of it, I do like the smell….. at reasonable amounts.  The absolute is not only very very pricey, it is incredibly strong.  That and the possible irritancy of the tree mosses hold me back from soaping it.  There are a few fragrance oils that dupe it, and I have smelled a couple that come close, but haven’t yet found one I want to soap.  But since I keep returning to the moss fragments on my desk, and find myself stuffing bits in my pockets, I have to do something with the oakmoss that falls from the sky.  Even if that only ends up as a personal scent, or a perfume locket, and a guide for what fo to use when I give up and soap with a duplication.

LOL, Unreasonable amounts would also include the bathbomb I treated myself to the other day; some store brand, it was a nice scent but OVERPOWERING and CLINGY.  I had to take 2 showers afterwards, the smell was that hard to remove.  And then bleach the tub!  It’s too bad, cause the tech was there; it was nicely fizzy (the sound is my favorite, I think; those plinky bubbles), it emulsified well, left a nice emollience behind, it was pretty (pink and white) but the owls could probably smell the bath out on the county road.  I’m not sure a quarter of the remaining one wouldn’t be too strong!  Still, it was nice, and I will have to find a recipe and make some un/barely scented ones, using some favorite or new essential oil blends.  I could really see crawling gratefully into a eucalyptus or ginger-orangey fizzy bath to warm up after a day of shoveling and plowing.