Group Research Project

A bunch of fellow soapers and I are working on a research project, investigating the effect various additives have on lathering qualities in soap.  Included are milks, chelating agents, proteins, resin, and more.  We all used the same exact base oils and procedure, and made the soaps within the same week.

It should be fascinating to get my bag of soap bars and start testing!  I contributed oatmilk, a strained oat-water solution I have been experimenting with as an alternative to silk in soap (silk gives a ‘slick’, smooth feel to lather; but it’s not a vegetarian item, so I don’t use it.)  It’s been a pleasant surprise to note that the oatmilk also boosts lather in the un-silk bars, (including the Pink Grapefruit and Winter Tropics bars).  Now it will be interesting to see how this additive compares to over 20 others!  (Thank you Shannon for organizing this!)

My oatmilk bars went out yesterday, and here is a pic of them, with a bar of the unscented cocoa butter, and two other full sized bars for comparison:

Oatmilk latherswap bars
Oatmilk samples, with cocoabutter and goatmilk bars for color comparison






(And no, I can’t cut a straight line with a ruler!  Which is why I love my log-soap cutter.)