Recent soaps

Night sky with planets soap, detail

Here are a few pics of recent soaps.  I have more curing, and on the sketchboard, but I wanted to share some of my favorite winter soaping. First, Night sky with planets soap, detailthere’s Night Sky with Planets, a deep dark vetiver scented soap studded with moons and planets and sprinkled with sparkly mica stars and bits of the Milky Way.  This is a bit different every time I make it; sometimes the moons are all crescents, and sometimes the planets have rings.  The last batch had one planet that looked very much like our home world!

Next, there’s Unscented cocoa butter soapa batch of unscented, rich in cocoa butter, soap done as a special request.  I laid in a marbled pattern done in bamboo charcoal on top as a  differentiation from the unscented goatmilk bars and also for a visual treat.

A new ingredient I have been experimenting with is gardenia powder, which I infused into olive oil and added to a tropical scented batch for a twist on my geranium-ylang ylang soap. geranium bar with gardenia


Coming up soon: a Blood Orange binge soap, a mansoap with oakmoss, a salute to the Selkirks, and a Valentine’s soap.