Inspired by the National Geographic

…by a photo of a hot air balloon, that is, from a National Geographic photo.  Here’s the original photo: Hot Air Balloon, New Mexico.  I immediately saw it as soap-able, especially in melt-and-pour, which I don’t do, and asked a friend in the Hague to play along.  While I am waiting for that soap to appear on my horizon, several other friends have joined in and made colorful, whimsical soaps based on that image.  I cut the first of two attempts today; this first one is a slab, the second will be done in a log and in brighter colors.

Colored with yellow, pink, and Australian red clays, and ultramarine blue, this is a muted version instead of the brilliant photo; I had fun swirling the poured soap and envisioning how it would look cut.

The cut bars, ready for a bit of edge-cleaning and a cure.  They are scented with a bright, sunny blend of lime-lemon and patchouli and turned out a bit better than I thought they might, graphically speaking.

Stay tuned, as variation number two is in the wings; more intensely colored, with a different scent, but still calling on the imagery in the photo (a small printout of it, for my workroom reference, is visible along next to the cut bars of soap.