Northern Lights

The latest batch of Northern Lights turned out so well I had to share pics of it; it’s not a ‘new’ soap, it’s one of my signature soaps for the past ten years, but sometimes the planets are in alignment or I’m standing on one foot just so or am in the zone, somehow, and the patterns are extra-pleasing.  This batch made me really happy. 

Scented to smell like standing in the garden in the dark on a summer night, the blend includes conifers, lavender, rose and sweet grass infused oils.   The ground is a nice blue, and the swirls evoke the Aurora, one of my favorite night sky phenomena.

Plus, this was the first batch cut on my new slab cutter, which makes quick and clean work out of cutting, vs. the old 14″ taping knife.  So much faster and easier!  The wire on this cutter cuts like a dream.