The season races along. . .

Summer is here; maybe not officially by the calendar, but I count the first rose and peony, and the first hailstorm, as the opening events of the season. I’m working on a scent for a Hailstorm soap…. The Rosa Primula is almost done, the species peonies have finished, and the hybrid peonies are swelling their buds. Mme Industry, the squirrel who lives by the greenhouse, has whisked her bits of wool scarf up into the tree to line her nest (it is a wildlife cooperative here :) and gone into seclusion to tend her babies.

Market is in full swing now; we had a month of cold and rainy and rainy and cold Saturdays, but things have been balmier recently. I’ve got some new products at market, including a hair polish, a liquid natural deodorant, and some new soap scents and seasonal returns including Huckleberry and Fireweed, both of which use local botanicals. On the curing shelf are High Plains (with sweetgrass infused oil), Cardamom (with cardamom infused oil), Summer Shower (a floral salt bar) and more.

New soaps at the market include Lemon Poppyseed Cake (lemony-almondy) and Spa Day, a crisp cooling blend of Tangerine and sweet spearmint, topped off with a spidery swirl of iridescent tangerine mical.

In the haircare department, there’s a new repairing conditioner for sun-stressed or color-stressed hair, some new shapes as I cannot resist decorative molds and fell into some batik and Persian carpet type patterns, and formulas updated to include more herbal infusions like horsetail grass, chamomile and rosemary.

Since I also take herbal jellies, vinegars and mustards to the Farmer’s market, the kitchen is full of the aromas of steeping herbs and the jewel tones of hot-pink chive blossom and luminous green mint vinegar, and the warm, rich toasted onion & honey vinegar that I just bottled off this morning.