Sunny September

Thundershower soap log

Blue skies and sweet briar rose hips

While we all wish it would rain more, to relieve our drought, still the glorious blue skies of late September, vs the awful brown/red from summers’ fiery weeks, are most welcome.


Summer was pretty stressful, between not being able to water the gardens enough to keep things happy, and the horrid air and worries, and the unsettling way things looked.  It was otherworldy, not to mention the modified stationary freakout as we all got ready to evacuate if we had to.  There were choppers on Black Mountain all day :S

The sun was an appalling tangerine-fuchsia color, the air was coral, and the moon was simply surreal.

Fiery nights :(


I’m always soaping to suit the weather of course, and being a water person and loving rain it features a lot in the soaps I make. . . here is Thundershower, one of my favorite soaps, with its blend of lavender and mint, on the cutter ready to slice:

Thundershower soap log

Cooler weather (finally!) brought fall colors to the garden including the Colchicums, some of my favorite fall bulbs.

It’s alsColchicumso heralded migrations, and for a few days last week the farmyard was full of bluebirds! When I recovered my brains and tried to take some photos, they had moved out of photo-range beyond the barns, but it was still a magnificent gift to have had them so close up.  This morning there was a magpie on the garden fence, so very odd to have him here as they never used to range this far north, but I have seen them several times this summer.  Perhaps the fire season chased them away from their homes :(

Farmers’ Market is almost done for the outdoor season (one week left) and I am prepping for the Holiday Market, and the Celebration of Craft, while also doing pre-winter chores… but today I have apples to sauce, and will take a few moments to pause and admire the changing of the seasons. Then it’s back to soaping and filling orders and getting photos uploaded.

I did get the furball in WP figured out, and am re-enabling comments :)At my market booth