Spring already?

Digging & potting plants in the greenhouse today, and scribbling in my sketchbook for new soaps and new scents; spring has crept up on me quickly. Seems like I was teetering around icebergs just last week. Today it was crunchy dry.. will be doing my raindance tomorrow.

New soaps for spring include ‘Sunrise’ (a lemony-fruity blend with a splash of Patchouli) and a black raspberry vanilla bar, and a couple of secrets to be unveiled later. I got some new molds and there will be a great new addition to the conditioner shapes, as well as a normal-to-oily shampoo, and conditioner, to mirror the normal to dry set already formulated.

The craft fair in CdA was fun, nice to meet folks and get energized for the coming season of shows and markets. And wow, our market here starts in less than a month now!! The 30th is coming up fast.

I’ve got a new camera, so look for a spate of new photos as I try out my toy; soaps, fizzers, and of course, plants & landscapes.