It’s spring (no, really)

Gardener's soap

There are ducks and robins and rwbb’s about, so it must be true :) even though today it looks decidedly more like Christmas when I look out the window.

Spring is rolling along in the soap studio, too, with restocks and lots of new soaps.  I experimented with lots of new scents and ideas this winter, and am enjoying seeing them come to fruition.

limited edition Tulip soap  Lily of the Valley soap

New things: spring florals including Tulip and a divine Lily of the Valley to really cheer Spring on;




then there’s Raspberry Cream, a sister soap to the famous Lemon Cream, with a rich sweet soft fruity scent and that fab cocoa butter lather.

Raspberry Cream handmade soap

Then there’s Orange Grove, a patchouli-orange blend; English Amber, with patchouli and English Lavender in the mix; pink grapefruit & lemongrass, all bright and tangy and springy, in pink and yellow; Black Raspberry (some logs of it here)

Black Raspberry soap logs

And also a warm subtly spicy cedarwood & orange soap with rooibos, a batch of rosemary-orange Gardener’s soap for the muddy fingers to come, and….

Gardener's soap