A few manly soaps

Several new soaps this year hew a bit more to the masculine side, as I found new blends or pattern-ways this winter. First there’s Rosemary, a single-note herbal soap with some subtle supporting notes including lemon, to broaden and sharpen the aroma–fresh, crisp, clean, and aromatic. One of my new favorites, I find myself sniffing it when I pass it on the curing racks.

Then there’s a re-make of ‘Glacier’, the same bracing pure peppermint aroma, but in a bluer, more oceany (is that a word?) look.





Patchouli features in the last two, first in a sweet orange blend I’m calling Orange Grove, since the patch really brings out the herbal & surprisngly green notes in sweet orange & bloood orange essential oils–

and the last, maybe my favorite of the two, ‘English Amber’, which has a rich warm blend of East Indian Patchouli, Lavender, and vanilla. It’s inviting and serene, and the herbal notes of the Lavender give it a brightness to balance the sweetness of the resins and vanilla.