Rain! now with soap pics

Here’s a few more photos of soaps for spring– taken on a rare sunny morning last week :)  I’ve been soaping up a storm to restock for summer markets, and having a good time with some new scents and patterns, nice on those days when there’s nothing much colorful or scented yet in the garden.

I’ve got several new soaps featuring cedarwood, both virginia and blood.. here’s a goatmilk soap with lavender and cedarwood, called ‘Secret Garden’.. the warmth of cedarwood and the crispness of the Lavender makes it unisex, not flowery:

Secret Garden soap with lavender & cedarwood







And then a new fab blend of cedarwood, sweet orange and tangerine with rooibos for its added spiciness:







And here’s ‘Refreshmint’, a festive bar with the scent of pine needles, peppermint & eucalyptus.. like a spring morning, a bit of sun for the shower.