June Already

The rain and cool weather say May, or even September, but the flowers and the manic squirrels in the trees next to the soaproom all say it’s almost summer. I’m back at Market, cautiously, with sanitizer and mask. Everybody’s washing their hands now, so I’m deffo happy to be doing my part :) Here are […]

A few manly soaps

Several new soaps this year hew a bit more to the masculine side, as I found new blends or pattern-ways this winter. First there’s Rosemary, a single-note herbal soap with some subtle supporting notes including lemon, to broaden and sharpen the aroma–fresh, crisp, clean, and aromatic. One of my new favorites, I find myself sniffing it when I pass it on the curing racks.

Update on Balloon Festival Soaps

Balloon festival soap bars

Remember the National-Geographic photo inspired batch of soap?  I kept a few bars to see how the color of the clays would change, and photographed them today.  Not much change, basically a matte effect as they dried/cured.   I’m also happy with how parts of the swirls turned out; a bit Celtic illumination-ish.