It’s spring (no, really)

Gardener's soap

There are ducks and robins and rwbb’s about, so it must be true :) even though today it looks decidedly more like Christmas when I look out the window. Spring is rolling along in the soap studio, too, with restocks and lots of new soaps.  I experimented with lots of new scents and ideas this […]

Spring already?

Digging & potting plants in the greenhouse today, and scribbling in my sketchbook for new soaps and new scents; spring has crept up on me quickly. Seems like I was teetering around icebergs just last week. Today it was crunchy dry.. will be doing my raindance tomorrow. New soaps for spring include ‘Sunrise’ (a lemony-fruity […]

Sunny September

Thundershower soap log

While we all wish it would rain more, to relieve our drought, still the glorious blue skies of late September, vs the awful brown/red from summers’ fiery weeks, are most welcome.   Summer was pretty stressful, between not being able to water the gardens enough to keep things happy, and the horrid air and worries, […]