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new theme, coming soon

My apologies for any turbulence you may experience reading here in the next week or so.  The theme I’ve been using has been “improved” by its designers and in the process damaged the RSS feed, and deleted a lot of my custom settings.  So in the coming days I will try out some new themes, try to match the current look, and find a better match with theme creators, as I am not a fan of having to constantly tweak and supplicate and reassure software all the time, or wake up and find everything has been broken by an ‘artiste’.  I just want it to work.

So, if the page goes funny colored or elements move around a bit, it’s just  your humble correspondent, under the hood, muttering to herself.

Some website tweaks :) including a curing rack

I’ve added a ‘curing rack’ page for soaps that are recently made and finishing cure, as a sneak-peek at coming attractions, and so that if your favorite bar is out of stock you will be able to check the curing rack for when it is available again.

As handmade soap takes a month and more to cure, I try to keep basic and seasonal scents in close rotation, and work in the background on the upcoming season and new scents.  I’m doing autumn and winter testing now, for example, and will begin production on them soon; check out the new page for hints of what’s to come.

I’ve also refined the seasonal pages a bit to make them easier to navigate.

*whew* Shopping cart updated

After too long, I finally updated the shopping cart this week.  It has a new look, much easier navigation, and a cleaner, easier to read shopping cart checkout page.  I am updating photos and descriptions as well, plus adding in new soaps and products. That will take a bit longer as last week, and this, have not been conducive to photo-taking for product photos, and I can hardly expect you to decipher hand gestures at this distance.  (What is the hand gesture for ‘patchouli’, anyway?).  I did get a few before the massive rains and snow came, and you’ll see those in future posts.

If anyone is still having problems with checking out (some Canadian customers were) please email me and let me know and I will see about getting that fixed ASAP.

Farmer’s Market 2013

Our local Farmer’s Market starts in little over a month from now; winter seems to have whizzed past.  I spent a good part of it studying and doing product development–making the sparkliest bath fizzies, blending new soap scents, finding better packaging for non-soap items, formulating new shampoo bars,  more sparkly fizzy bath treats, and soap free facial cleansers.  Plus Elixir of Wahoo.

What’s Elixir of Wahoo?  You’ll have to check back and find out ;)

All things green and spring

The air these days is full of green, new scents…poplar leaves unfolding put their spicy resin on the breeze, the warmed soil smells soft and alive, even the new grass underfoot has a sweetness.

Trying to capture these in soap (of course!) has led to several new soaps, including Lemongrass Forest (a blend of lemongrass, black spruce and spearmint, using an armload of freshly cut lemongrass to infuse in the water portion and a dab of galbanum, the King of Green); a batch of Avo-Avo-Avo using gorgeous emerald green cold pressed virgin avocado oil (I’ll have to post a pic of the oil!), Mojito Mint using fresh sprigs of Cuban mojito mint from the greenhouse and sprightly key lime essential oil, a re-stock of Evergreen, and Lavender-Chamomile layered soap that kisses chamomile infused oil with blue chamomile essential oil and western red-cedar essential oil.

It’s been a while since I tinkered with a few of my botanical colorants, and I have a new blue I am trying out (gardenia! who knew!), and some new clay colors, so I’m rounding that testing out with some greens: nettle from a different source (I refuse to grow it!  Too many hours weeding it out of show beds in the nursery I used to work for, too many welts on my hands and arms for me to ever approach it fresh again; luckily, when it’s dried it loses its sting), a pretty batch of alfalfa, and some other mints.  First, though, I have transplanting to do, and potting on, and the sun on the greenhouse is an invitation to run outside and play, so I am going!