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WordPress is having some kind of bizarre furball, and while I try to get that sorted out, I have disabled all comments so I don’t have to also deal with comment spam while we tinker under the hood. I hope to return comments soon.

Some website tweaks :) including a curing rack

I’ve added a ‘curing rack’ page for soaps that are recently made and finishing cure, as a sneak-peek at coming attractions, and so that if your favorite bar is out of stock you will be able to check the curing rack for when it is available again.

As handmade soap takes a month and more to cure, I try to keep basic and seasonal scents in close rotation, and work in the background on the upcoming season and new scents.  I’m doing autumn and winter testing now, for example, and will begin production on them soon; check out the new page for hints of what’s to come.

I’ve also refined the seasonal pages a bit to make them easier to navigate.

Fireweed soap

Summer soaps (from my wild woods to your shower!)

I’ve been making summery soaps lately, with wild gathered herbs & fruit, plus infused oils, all to capture the season; High Plains, with sweetgrass oil and sage & conifer essential oils, a summertime limited edition,

'Roses' goatmilk soap

Rose soap with goatmilk from Wildwood Soap Company

High Plains Soap

High Plains soap with sweetgrass & fir needle infused oils

Green dusk for dreaming

Green Dusk soap

Roses (a creamy goatmilk soap infused with Damask rose petals and swirled in shades of pinkest pink), Huckleberry (with shea butter and huckleberries), Fireweed, which uses the flowering tops of one of my favorite wild flowers, and smells deliciously of jasmine, ylang and patchouli, Green Dusk for Dreaming (an herbal blend of marjoram, lavender and pine) and Thundershower, with mint and French lavender to cool off with after a day in the sun.  ‘Pend Orielle Skies’ reflects the shimmer of skies on big water, with a refreshing grapefruity-lemony blend and silky shea butter.

Fireweed soap

Fireweed soap

More cooling, from the peppermint of ‘Glacier’ and the cool lavender and fir needle of ‘Secret Garden’ are on the curing racks and will be ready to ship soon.

Spring having slipped away from us with the last of the rains, the last few Hyacinth and Lilac bars are on sale while they last.

Eremurus with bees

Honeybees got pink socks!

My eremurus robustus has pink pollen; I noticed this because the honeybees that are on it all day while it is in flower have pink socks (the pollen they gather on their legs I think of them as stuffing in their socks).

It’s hard to get a pic because the plant is so tall and in the center of a bed, and the bees wave me off if I get too close, but today I finally got a pic that shows it.

Eremurus with honeybees

Eremurus robustus with honeybees


Honeybees got pink socks!












Another very cool thing?  The flowers are a great illustration of the whorls that nature makes, the flowers open in a rising spiral from the base.

Snow! I have a soap for that.

First snow at ground level today came with the morning coffee; it’s been dusting the peaks up above for a few days now but I hope it doesn’t stick until after Thanksgiving, don’t you?  I’m not ready for 4wD or the Tire Change Festival.

Here’s a phone-pic of ‘Winter’, one of the new holiday soaps for this year; it’s a woodsy-spicy-lavendery scent, all in white and pearl.

'Winter' handmade soap

‘Winter’ handmade soap