Rain! now with soap pics

Here’s a few more photos of soaps for spring– taken on a rare sunny morning last week :)  I’ve been soaping up a storm to restock for summer markets, and having a good time with some new scents and patterns, nice on those days when there’s nothing much colorful or scented yet in the garden. […]

It’s spring (no, really)

Gardener's soap

There are ducks and robins and rwbb’s about, so it must be true :) even though today it looks decidedly more like Christmas when I look out the window. Spring is rolling along in the soap studio, too, with restocks and lots of new soaps.  I experimented with lots of new scents and ideas this […]

Spring already?

Digging & potting plants in the greenhouse today, and scribbling in my sketchbook for new soaps and new scents; spring has crept up on me quickly. Seems like I was teetering around icebergs just last week. Today it was crunchy dry.. will be doing my raindance tomorrow. New soaps for spring include ‘Sunrise’ (a lemony-fruity […]