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Some website tweaks :) including a curing rack

I’ve added a ‘curing rack’ page for soaps that are recently made and finishing cure, as a sneak-peek at coming attractions, and so that if your favorite bar is out of stock you will be able to check the curing rack for when it is available again.

As handmade soap takes a month and more to cure, I try to keep basic and seasonal scents in close rotation, and work in the background on the upcoming season and new scents.  I’m doing autumn and winter testing now, for example, and will begin production on them soon; check out the new page for hints of what’s to come.

I’ve also refined the seasonal pages a bit to make them easier to navigate.

Eremurus with bees

Honeybees got pink socks!

My eremurus robustus has pink pollen; I noticed this because the honeybees that are on it all day while it is in flower have pink socks (the pollen they gather on their legs I think of them as stuffing in their socks).

It’s hard to get a pic because the plant is so tall and in the center of a bed, and the bees wave me off if I get too close, but today I finally got a pic that shows it.

Eremurus with honeybees

Eremurus robustus with honeybees


Honeybees got pink socks!












Another very cool thing?  The flowers are a great illustration of the whorls that nature makes, the flowers open in a rising spiral from the base.

Farmer’s Market 2013

Our local Farmer’s Market starts in little over a month from now; winter seems to have whizzed past.  I spent a good part of it studying and doing product development–making the sparkliest bath fizzies, blending new soap scents, finding better packaging for non-soap items, formulating new shampoo bars,  more sparkly fizzy bath treats, and soap free facial cleansers.  Plus Elixir of Wahoo.

What’s Elixir of Wahoo?  You’ll have to check back and find out ;)

YAY! Yet another reason to love the Sage

I came home this afternoon to a package on my porch from a supplier I use a lot, and love–that I hadn’t ordered…hmmm???
Turns out I won a giveaway, a very generous package including some things I had on my list to try. All for being chosen at random from commenting on their very useful blog. How cool is that?

I’ll report back when I have used the products, and include pics.

Thanks, MMS folks!