Lavender di Gras

This winter I did a variation on my ‘White Lavender’ soap, as part of a group project on soaping for Mardi Gras. The formula stayed the same (luscious shea butter and a bright tweak on lavender essential oil), but the surface decoration did not… instead of inlay, there are colorful swirls of two shades of […]

Northern Lights

The latest batch of Northern Lights turned out so well I had to share pics of it; it’s not a ‘new’ soap, it’s one of my signature soaps for the past ten years, but sometimes the planets are in alignment or I’m standing on one foot just so or am in the zone, somehow, and […]

Spring’s Work

Black Coffee mechanics' soap

I had a bit of a foodie binge in early spring, between the Blood Orange soap and the Chocolate birthday party soap; then there was the Cinco de Mayo one for Market, as we made a celebration day out of the holiday.   I used prime pressed cocoa butter, chocolate liquor (that’s where chocolate bars come […]